Air pollution Control system

About Us

At MFP, We are introduce us as environmental engineering professional designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing the best Air pollution Control systems for controlling air pollution.

Our products house a wide range of Dust Collector & Electrostatic Precipitator and spare parts like bag filter system, Cages, Ventury, Pulse Valve , Timer, Rotary Air Lock Valves, Screw Conveyors, I.D./F.D.Fan, Air slide, Collecting Plates, Discharge Electrodes, all type of Insulators etc.


MFP is committed to our customers by offering to them the experience of a reliable dedicated team that strives to respond to their needs, meeting or exceeding expectations. Our goal is to furnish our customer the solution that provides their organization the best value. We will not sell something they do not need. Our mission is to get it right the first time and every time.


Protecting the environment for future generations with innovative solutions in pollution control. We provide best air pollution control system to our customers.


  • Honesty : There is truth, and then there is everything else.
  • Integrity : To mean what we say and do with sincerity.
  • Respect : To treat everyone we encounter as our neighbor.
  • Family : To balance work and what it provides with the reasons why we work.
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Quality Assurance

  • Provides the best Air Pollution Controlling products to our customer requirement of affordable prices.
  • We treat our customer as partner in solving their APC problems.
  • We provides contentious up gradation in knowledge & skills of people at all levels to improve quality of services & products using by customers.

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